Cameroon Blockchain Business Council (CBBC).

Bringing together leaders, entrepreneurs and businesses to advance Blockchain technology in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Building awareness for Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations


Blockchain Technology has moved beyond the hype phase and is literally knocking on every industry.

It is a ground-breaking technology and the underlying infrastructure for Bitcoin. It is worth noting that the countries where Bitcoin was most often searched recently were not the first world economies, but developing nations such as Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa which topped the list.

The adoption of Blockchain technologies will lead to the integration and adoption of more advanced technological solutions which have the potential to solve both economic and social problems especially in developing nations.

CBBC has realized that there is a need to educate and train stakeholders and the marketplace in Sub-Saharan Africa, to enable a significant uptake of the underlying blockchain technologies.


The Cameroon Blockchain Business Council (CBBC) brings together enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and leading businesses and business leaders to highlight the latest innovations and advances in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.

It is committed to fostering partnerships, raising awareness of the potential of this groundbreaking technology and providing a forum for education, trading, collaboration and partnership.

The CBBC is commitment to create and deliver highly engaging training in the blockchain technology for individuals, entrepreneurs and institutions across diverse sectors. We specialize in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract Education, Development and Partnership

Our mission is essentially to enable you to understand how such a pioneering technology can drive value-based innovation in your sphere of influence and enable you to BECOME A BLOCKCHAIN PIONEER!


The CBBC is on a mission is to build a thriving blockchain community where members can work together to shape and advance the technology in their local and regional communities to foster rapid integration. Blockchain is a system built on TRUST, fast gaining grounds and transcending politics, culture, finance, law, economics, technology and much more.

Our goal is to bring together individuals or stakeholders across diverse sectors to contribute to this emerging field to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration, creating a wealth of opportunity for interested community members.

We do this through the following:

  • Build & Engage the Blockchain Community through latest industry feeds, meetups and conferences
  • Provide education and networking opportunities to the community members
  • Advocate for the region’s blockchain technology and innovation initiatives
  • Providing platforms for enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and developers to launch and contribute to blockchain related ventures and initiatives


Ernest Mbenkum


Ernest Mbenkum

Rodrigue Fouafou


Rodrigue Fouafou

Fritz Ekwoge

Blockchain Instructor

Fritz Ekwoge

Bertine Mbicho

Community Manager

Bertine Mbicho


In-House Training

We provide training solutions for individuals, institutions and groups at your convenience and location. We are open to also providing training at our clients offices in various locations and countries for group trainings ONLY.

Training At Our Locations

We provide training solutions for individuals, institutions and groups at our office in Yaoundé as well as training spaces in Buea.

Online Training

If you like to learn at your own pace directly with the instructor in a group or private session via media outlets like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype? We provide you with an opportunity for one-on-one engagement with the instructor.


This course is for participants who are new to digital currencies and blockchain technology. The purpose of the course is to provide a solid foundation for those looking to gain a deeper understanding and learn how it will affect their businesses


Participants get a deep and thorough understanding of the concepts that underpin how the world of blockchain works, learn new concepts in the continuously evolving blockchain ecosystem and its huge implications for the world.


This course is designed to provide insights for participants who want to know what financial institutions are doing with blockchain technology and how it is gradually reshaping the industry.


This course is designed for participants who want to understand the fundamentals of Ethereum and what this technology offers in terms of smart contracts. It includes the recent surge of interest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and how ICOs are raising funding using cryptocurrencies, such as ether.


This course is suitable for the complete novice trader that wishes to get involved in the world of cryptocurrency trading. A large part of the course will be practical, focusing on the practical side of using a trading platform, understanding the different order types and how to execute those orders in real time using a simulated account.


Our customized training is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the requesting partcipants. We assist attendees to set the objectives, topics, location, course length. It is our experience that we need at least a group of 5 persons to be eligible for this type of training.



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